Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Apologies

Somewhere along the way
You have noticed warnings
Caught a dead scent whiff
Of old miseries,
Old agonies
Not so long, not so gone.
It is your right,
Your obligation
To protect your piece
Of hard won freedom.

You give unmistakable
Body language signals
And this deaf man
Obliges with pocketed hands,
No more jokes, and
Two steps backward,

It was great, when it was great, 
And after that,
It was mostly OK, like
Sundown, loose rein,
Riding tired horses      home.

I know the sleepless
Analyzing nights
Serve no purpose.
Still, some linear logic,
Reptilian, guitar string,
Trip-wire sensitivity
Wonders where
I accidentally stepped,
That sent things


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