Sunday, February 10, 2013

Comfort Seed

[written for and published in Rod's 20th high school reunion book]

At first, I thought this might be funny
I'd crack some jokes, and take your time
Poke some fun, rough up some feelings
Among this class of '69.

Some sex and whiskey innuendo
I'd laugh loud, and play so free
With some high school jokes
For the high school kids
That we all used -- to be.

But -- it couldn't satisfy me
There is no way we'd be amused
Though we might hide the lie, with laughter
As some friends feelings were abused.
Besides, I feared jokes might cloud the content --

And at the picnic, or the dance
I might miss the opportunity,
And may not get another chance
To bring my friends this message
That I will call a "Comfort Seed."
In your memory, let it blossom
Take comfort -- anytime you need.

If you've been wishing things were different
If part of your life's -- been a mess
Wish that you didn't need a gray toupee
Or maybe -- wear a smaller dress
If some romance has turned -- to ashes
Somehow, you missed your shining star
In this room, your friends --

Still love you.
Just the way -- you are. 

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