Sunday, February 10, 2013

White Wall

There ought to be another wall
White, bright, pretty
In a grove of trees
with picnic tables,
dance floor, and a
Viet Vet ragtime band.
A happy place where
Folks could go to laugh
and dance and argue
Football teams and candidates.
On the White Wall, there would be
A tremendous list of those
Who didn't die.
Behind each name,
a little heart...for a fulfilling marriage
a little happy face...for a
well-adjusted child,
a little diploma...for a valuable education,
a rewarding life.

Everyone is welcome here,
To cool drinks, rummy games,
To meet interesting people who
Talk, laugh, have fun, wander off.
To celebrate our survivorhood.
Not mourn our stolen martyrdom.

There are some who will
Have to be shown
The White Wall.
Taken to their own name
and told
"There, by God, is proof."

1 comment:

  1. Breathtaking! Literally! Oh, Sue, what a poem! What a poet!!